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Our large storage capacity and manufacturing in Karlsruhe ensure a fast production. With our interactive cable configurator, you can easily assemble your individual cable using pictures and related information. Production capacity up to 10000 cables / per week.

With an online order the cable can already be with you the next day with our express service!

Assembled cables according to your specifications from 1 piece.

Due to our move we are from Thursday, the 19.09.19, 12 o'clock to Monday, the 23.09.19, 10 o'clock only by E-Mail attainable.

ENVIROFLEX 316_D Koaxialkabel
ENVIROFLEX 316_D Koaxialkabel

D= 3,16 mm / RADOX / Temp: -40°C bis +105°C

3,83 to 4,50 EUR
RF 287 UF Koaxialkabel
RF 287 UF Koaxialkabel

D= 7,30 mm / PVC / Temp: -30°C bis +70°C, halogenfrei

0,71 to 1,18 EUR
RF 400 LSNH Koaxialkabel, Low Loss
RF 400 LSNH Koaxialkabel, Low Loss

D= 10,30 mm / LSNH / Temp: -30°C bis +70°C, halogenfrei

2,14 to 2,52 EUR
RG 58 CX LSNH Koaxialkabel
RG 58 CX LSNH Koaxialkabel

D= 5,00 mm / LSNH / Temp: -30°C bis +70°C, halogenfrei

0,35 to 0,50 EUR
RG174 A/U LSNH Koaxialkabel
RG174 A/U LSNH Koaxialkabel

D= 2,80 mm / LSNH / Temp: -40°C bis +80 °C

0,28 to 0,46 EUR
RGL316 Koaxialkabel, Low Noise
RGL316 Koaxialkabel, Low Noise

D= 2,49 mm / FEP / Temp: -65°C bis +200°C

11,78 to 13,86 EUR

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  • At, you will receive pre-assembled coaxial cables manufactured exclusively in Germany.
  • We use high quality cables and connectors from brand manufacturers. The name of the manufacturer of each article is indicated in the order confirmation.
  • We offer individual solutions already from one piece.
  • Your individually manufactured cables are taken from the same batch of the cable, as far as quantity is feasible.
  • guarantees a complete documentation of all used materials as well as a consistent production process.
  • Thanks to our quality management, you can still maintain the same constant quality even after years.
  • If materials should change from previous deliveries, we draw your attention to the changes in the offer.
  • The product range is regularly extended as we always look for new connectors and coaxial cables - for your success!


Important: If it should go particularly fast, is also unbeatable. In 99% of the cases, for an extra charge, your custom coaxial cables are ready for delivery within 1 day.

Cable assembly

Thanks to our flexible and fast cable assembly, we are able to offer you the possibility to purchase individual cables at a reasonable price.

  • High Quality - Connectors and cables only from well-known brands
  • Cable assembly - manufactured in Germany
  • Individual cable length and labeling available
  • Kink protection sleeves available in 10 different colors

In addition to our range of HF coaxial cables, we also offer cable with Lemo 00 to Lemo 1S connectors.

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Currently more than 500 different plugs and 140 cables in stock!

LEMO connectors:

Lemo 00 | Lemo 0S | Lemo 1S

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