Assembled BNC cables

In our shop, you find a selection of pre-assembled 50 Ohm coaxial cables with BNC-connectors and combinations with other connectors - available assembled in different lengths. You receive further cable assemblies via our cable configurator.

Artikelnummer Bezeichnung Zusatz Artikel
Amphenol Connex
115101-19-36.00Kabel RG58 BNC Stecker / Stecker 36 inchRF Coaxial cable RG58780105
115101-30-06.00BNC Plug mit LMR100, 6 inchRF Coaxial cable LMR100801032
115101-30-12.00BNC Plug mit LMR100, 12 inchRF Coaxial cable LMR100801033
115101-30-18.00BNC Plug mit LMR100, 18 inchRF Coaxial cable LMR100801034
115101-30-24.00BNC Plug mit LMR100, 24 inchRF Coaxial cable LMR100801035
115101-30-36.00BNC Plug mit LMR100, 36 inchRF Coaxial cable LMR100801036
115101-30-48.00BNC Plug mit LMR100, 48 inchRF Coaxial cable LMR100801037
135101-02-06.00Kabel RG174 SMA Stecker / SMA Stecker, 15 cmRF Coaxial cable RG174822101
135101-02-12.00Kabel RG174 SMA Stecker / SMA Stecker, 30 cmRF Coaxial cable RG174822138
135101-02-36.00Kabel RG174 SMA Stecker / SMA Stecker, 90 cmRF Coaxial cable RG174822138