Coaxial cable - 75 Ohm

Coaxial cable 75 Ohm

Coaxial cables with 75 Ω impedance are used i.a. for the multimedia and video application, digital TV and SAT as well as building and studio technology. We offer a large selection of these cables, i.a. from the brands Draka and Sommercable.
In the overview below you can see all of our 75 ohm coaxial cables and their most important features at a glance. Click on a cable of your choice for more information. You can then add it to your shopping cart or assemble it in the configurator to your liking. With us you receive all cables with suitable connectors according to your requirements.

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Overview75 Ω Coaxial Cable

75 Ω KOAXIALKABEL max. Freq.
at 2 GHz/m
Ø inch
RG6 A/U30.5PVC0.335 050261
RG11 A/U30.39PVC0.406 050246
RG59 B/U10.58PVC0.244 050245
RG59 DS30.56PLSF0.24 050264
RG59 Flex30.61PVC0.244 050262
arnoflex 59 LSNH30.55LSNH0.244 050312
RG175 AF11.01PLSF0.11 050263
RG179 B/U11.60FEP0.098 050226
RG179 B/U11.28FEP0.1 050101
RG187 A/U11.24PFA0.104 050102
RG302 /U11.07FEP0.201 050260
arnoflex 0.4/1.930.72PLSF0.138 050280
0,6/2,8 AF50.48FRNC0.177 050179
arnoflex 0.6/2.830.48FRNC0.177 050281
HD PRO 0.6/2.8 AF50.48FRNC0.177 050214
0.6/3.7 PVC0.8-PVC0.236 050215
arnoflex 0.8/3.630.37PLSF0.232 050282
0.8/3.7 AF50.39FRNC0.232 050212
1.0/4.8 AF50.29FRNC0.276 050213
1.2/4.8 SC-Vector Plus60.32PUR0.28 050217

Made-to-measure cable assembly

We assemble (almost) all cables suitable for your application! Regardless of whether you need a coaxial cable, triaxial cable or high-voltage line!
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Cable assembly with our configurator for 50Ω and 75Ω coaxial cables.

Difference coaxial to normal line

The conductor is isolated from the shielding by the dielectric medium and is located in the centre of the cable. The geometry must be very accurate and precise. When a coaxial cable is bent with a smaller bending radius than permitted, the electrical values will be neglected and the cable cannot be used anymore for certain applications.

Coaxial cable for digital and analog selection in the shop:

0.41/1.9 AF Draka
0,6/2,8 AF Draka
0.6/3.7 PVC Draka
0.8/3.7 AF Draka

For the transmission of digital signals such as SDI and HDTV:

1.0/4.8 AF Draka
HD PRO 0.6/2.8 AF Draka
1.2/4.8 PUR SC-Vector Plus

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