Comparison of the technical data - coaxial cable

Do you want to compare two different coaxial cables?
Here you can see at first sight the characteristics of each coaxial cable, possibly from different manufacturers.

Cable A RG174 A/U Koaxialkabel Cable B LMR-100A Koaxialkabel
Electric Unit
Description RG174 A/U Koaxialkabel LMR-100A Koaxialkabel
Cable Article Number [Order No.] 050239 050125
Information page [Link] Link Link
Preise [€] 0,25 to 0,41 € 2,04 to 2,40 €
Manufacturer Times Microwave
Addition D= 2,80 mm / PVC / Temp: -30°C bis +70 °C D= 2,79 mm / PVC / Temp: -40°C bis +85°C
Cable screen type Simply shielded Double shielded
Impedance 50 Ω 50 Ω
Capacity 100 pF/m 101 pF/m
Frequency [max] 1 GHz 6 GHz
Max. Voltage [V] 2000 V 500 V
Cable attenuation [400MHz] 0.55 db 0.48 db
[1GHz] 0.88 db 0.79 db
[2GHz] 1.16 db
Shielding factor [db] 52 90
Velocity [%/c] 66 66
Delay [ns/m] 5.05
RG174 A/U Koaxialkabel LMR-100A Koaxialkabel
Cable sheath (4) Ø 2.8 mm Ø 2.79 mm
[Material] PVC PVC
[Colour] black black
Shield 2 (3.b) Tinned copper braiding
Shield 1 (3.a) Tinned copper braiding Aluminium foil
[Coverage] 88 %
Dielectric (2) Ø 1.5 mm Ø 1.52 mm
[Material] PE PE
Inner conductor (1/1b) Ø 0.5 mm Ø 0.46 mm
7 x Ø 0.16 mm
[Material] Steel copper strands Steel copper solid
Temperature max. +70 °C +85 °C
min. -30 °C -40 °C
Bending radius single [mm] 14 mm 6.4 mm
repeated [mm] 28 mm 25 mm
Weight 0.012 kg/m 0.02 kg/m
Trailing cable
No Magnetic
Data sheet Datasheet (130 KB) Datasheet (193 KB)
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