Cable assembly offers customized, cost-effective and high-quality coaxial and triaxial cables.

With the brand, arnotec GmbH is an international company, which focuses not only on producing coaxial and triaxial cables.

The specialist for stranded cables - Litze24

We provide you with customised cables and conductors exactly for your needs.
Select the combination that suits you best from over 350 different plugs and sockets and over 70 different types of cables and stranded cables in our cable configurator.

Our large storage capacity and production in Karlsruhe ensure fast manufacturing. When ordering online, the cable can be with you the very next day with our express service!

Our cable assemblies are used in the automotive sector, in the medical sector, in switch cabinet construction and in industrial plants.

Assembled with wire end ferrules, cable lugs, flat receptacles


We produce for you:

  • Single strands from 0.5 mm² to 10 mm²

  • Cutting from a total length of 50 mm

  • Stripping of insulation on one and both sides

  • Partial stripping of insulation on one and both sides

  • Tinning of single strands

  • single strands 10 - 25 mm²

We are suppliers for:

  • Machine and plant construction

  • Electronics manufacturing

  • Industrial automation and automation

  • Automotive sector

  • Switch cabinet construction