Product development

We understand product development as the development and production of more than 10 devices and the projected sale as an independent product.
The effort for the development depends on its application field, quantity and sales country. On the field of product development, we have an experience of 1500 devices produced per year - and these devices are partially manufactured by ourselves.

Realized product developments:

- Device for heating simulation- Application, Service, Sales and Marketing
- Demokoffer for the presentation of products in need of explanation
- Application, Service, Sales
- Engine control with battery power - sanitary - engine- and blower control - ventilation
- Power supplies with customer specific output voltage / power output
- Ultrasonic measuring devices with battery power mit - Aviation, engine assembly
- Touchscreen for building services with KNX or LCN
- Control device for Laser diodes and nanopositioning - FUE, Universities
- Switch and control device via LCN - domestic technology
- Electronically controlled flap fitting - kitchen electronics
- Radiocontrolled flap fitting - kitchen electronics
- Endtestdevice for DMS-sensors - Application, Service, Sales
- Test device for actuating drives - Application, Service, Sales
- Synchronization of  flash and camera of printing machines
- USB-switchbox for AC-loads
- Sensor electronic with Hall sensor for position recognization
- Diverse interface adapters for CAN, RS232, I2C, and others

Our devices are purchased to all European countries, Canada, USA and China. We care for the approval and observance of the regulations and standards of those countries.