Testing devices and testing systems

From simple to complex testing operations - we have the perfect solution for you. We are responsible for the development and production of testing devices and testing systems for the testing of product quality, production control or the development and service of products.
Therefore we always offer the complete realisation to grant a faster processing.

We build customer specific testing systems for your requirements and application as well as for the application in large and small series (quantities from 10 to 500 pieces per day). Conception and development of measuring devices for the test of modules and devices.

- Construction, production and programmation from a single source
- You will get a complete functional measuring system with a machine qualifying reference

Our testing and measuring devices are used by our customers in development, quality assurance, product development orin the test bay.

Realized Testing devices

- PC-controlled DMS-testing station
- Testing facility for actuating drives
- Endtest station for heating electronics
- Endtest installation for displays
- Testing station for heating elements
- Testing device for light-range regulator in the automotive sector
- Burning out of short circuits of solarmodules

Comparison of technical characteristics of coaxial cables

You want to compare the technical characteristics of two different cables?
Which cable ist the best one for me? Here you will find the answer

Comparison Coaxial cable

Differentiation testing device and testing system

Testing devices with integral testing program
- manual testing devices with integral probe plate or cable set
- autarkic testing devices with integral probe plate and measurement electronics and evaluation on PC Testing devices with PC-testing program Testing device with testing adapter and modular measurement electronics with evaluation on PC

Modular testing system with cable set or probe plate and PC controlling.