Comparison coaxial cable - coaxial line

Comparison Coaxial cable - Coaxial wire

Do you want to compare two coaxial cables with each other? Here you can see at a glance the characteristics of the individual coaxial cables if necessary from different manufacturers.

Select under "Cable A" and "Cable B" the cables that are of interest to you. Subsequently, all important features are shown in the overview, in order to allow you an optimal comparison.

Comparison of the technical data of coaxial cables

LMR-100A Koaxialkabel
Cable A
RG174 A/U Koaxialkabel
Cable B
Electrical Properties
Description LMR-100A Koaxialkabel RG174 A/U Koaxialkabel
Cable Article Number 050125 050239
(plus VAT)
2,82 to 3,13 EUR 0,35 to 0,42 EUR
Manufacturer Times Microwave unbranded
Cable screen type Double shielded single shielded
Impedance 50 Ω 50 Ω
Capacity 101 pF/m 100 pF/m
Frequency max. 6 GHz max. 1 GHz
Max. Voltage 500 V 2000 V
Cable attenuation 0.48 db [400MHz] 0.55 db [400MHz]
0.79 db [1GHz] 0.88 db [1GHz]
1.16 db [2GHz]
Shielding factor 90 [db] 52 [db]
Velocity 66 [%/c] 66 [%/c]
Delay 5.05 [ns/m]
Mechanical properties
LMR-100A Koaxialkabel
LMR-100A Koaxialkabel
RG174 A/U Koaxialkabel
RG174 A/U Koaxialkabel
Cable sheath (4) Ø 2.79 mm Ø 2.8 mm
[Material] PVC PVC
[Colour] black black
Shield 2 (3.b) Tinned copper braiding
Shield 1 (3.a) Aluminium foil Tinned copper braiding
[Coverage] 100 % 88 %
Dielectric (2) Ø 1.52 mm Ø 1.5 mm
[Material] PE PE
Inner conductor (1/1b) Ø 0.46 mm Ø 0.48 mm
7 x Ø mm
[Material] Steel copper solid Steel copper strands
Temperature +85 °C max. +70 °C max.
-40 °C min. -30 °C min.
Bending radius 6.4 mm / single [mm] 14 mm / single [mm]
25 mm / repeated [mm] 28 mm / repeated [mm]
Weight 0.02 kg/m 0.012 kg/m
Trailing cable
No Magnetic
Data sheet Datasheet (188KB) Datasheet (72KB)
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Cable and cable ready made
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Are you looking for cables with special properties?

Depending on the application, cables must have special properties to meet the respecting requirements. To help you find the correct coaxial cable, we have assigned them to different areas of application:

In addition to general information on the area of application, you will find an overview of all suitable coaxial cables. Because cables that are used outdoors have far more diverse requirements than cables that are used indoors or near a magnetic core.

Complete Overview of the different properties and areas of application of coaxial cables.

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