Manufacturer overview

Renowned manufacturers of coaxial cables and connectors

We offer products from selected and well-known manufacturers of coaxial cables and connectors. We supply manufacturer-independent and cross-manufacturer cable assemblies for your application. This is also a great advantage of our cable assemblies for you. We are thus more independent of the procurement situation of individual distributors or countries.

The following manufacturers are available in our shop or as cable assemblies:

  • Huber&Suhner - High-quality connectors and coaxial cables
  • Times Microwave - LMR cable and high-quality conectors
  • Telegärtner - Good price-performance ratio for industrial connectors
  • Belden - High-quality video cable
  • Draka - High-quality video cable
  • Habia - Good price-performance ratio for industrial coaxial cables
  • Radiall - coaxial cable for general application
  • Rosenberger - High End connectors and Automotive connectors
  • RFS - Manufacture of high-quality, future-proof cable solutions
  • Lapp - High-quality video cabel
  • Lemo - HV Cables and connectors with push-pull technology
  • SSB - Connectors and antenna cables
  • Messi&Paoloni - Inexpensive antenna cables
  • Sommerkabel - Cables for event technology
  • Damar&Hagen - Hochwertige Steckverbinder für die Veranstaltungstechnik
  • Neutrik - Steckverbinder für die Verantstaltungstechnik
  • IMS - Industrielle Steckverbinder für den Automotivebereich
  • Flexa - Schutzschläuche für Kabel