Manufacturer overview

Renowned manufacturers of coaxial cables and connectors

We offer products from selected and renowned manufacturers for coaxial cables and connectors. We supply manufacturer-independent and cross-manufacturer cable assemblies for your application.

The following manufacturers are available in our shop or as cable assemblies:

  • Huber&Suhner - High-quality connectors and coaxial cables
  • Times Microwave - LMR cable and high-quality conectors
  • Telegärtner - Good price-performance ratio for industrial connectors
  • Belden - High-quality video cable
  • Draka - High-quality video cable
  • Habia - Good price-performance ratio for industrial coaxial cables
  • Radiall - coaxial cable for general application
  • Rosenberger - High End connectors and Automotive connectors
  • Lapp - High-quality video cabel
  • Lemo - HV Cables and connectors with push-pull technology
  • SSB - Connectors and antenna cables
  • Messi&Paoloni - Inexpensive antenna cables
  • Sommerkabel - Cables for event technology
  • Damar&Hagen - Hochwertige Steckverbinder für die Veranstaltungstechnik
  • Neutrik - Steckverbinder für die Verantstaltungstechnik
  • IMS - Industrielle Steckverbinder für den Automotivebereich
  • Flexa - Schutzschläuche für Kabel