Measure / tune antennas

Measure antennas


Tuned for more reliability

Whenever optimum performance and reliability are required, antennas and coaxial cable must be matched to the transmitter. This is the only way to achieve the maximum transmission power and range of your system. This requires not only experience in handling antennas, but also the appropriate measuring instruments and tools as well as the correct test setup.

Tuning antennas is worth it!

When it comes to the use of several systems or the selection of antennas for a series product, we recommend coordinating them. This is the only way to be sure that the stated values correspond to practice. We offer antenna tuning as a service for our antennas but also for third-party products. Inquire today!

We help you ...

  • to find the optimal antennas
  • select the appropriate cable
  • to increase performance and reliability

Your advantages

  • Security in making the right choice
  • uncomplicated and quick
  • several years of experience with antennas and transmission systems
  • independent documentation