Antennas - WLAN

Antennas for WLAN

Increase the range of WiFi and WLAN

Not all antennas are the same. Unfortunately not all antennas available on the market keep what they promise. Especially if they are used at a critical location or in difficult environments and the performance of the system is not satisfactory, the question of the cause quickly arises. In the event that the antenna is not of as high quality as specified or there is a mismatch due to the wrong cable selection, this can hardly be determined without a suitable measuring device.

Therefore we offer you in our store only tested antennas and the matching cables. We carry antennas for UHF-RFID, 4G und LTE and WLAN.

Do you have any doubts as to whether the right materials have been selected? Then enter additional information on usage when placing your order. This allows us to check the order thoroughly with our expertise. This gives you the additional security of an optimal selection.

Tap the full potential

  • more range for WLAN / WiFi
  • more stable and reliable connection
  • antennas and suitable cables from a single source

Application area industry

  • Industry and logistics
  • Hotel / gastronomy

>> for highly available, stable WLAN systems

Area of application research

  • Cities / municipalities
  • Schools / Education

>> WLAN indispensable for the public space