Image gallery breakout boxes

Image gallery breakout box

With our breakout box we offer you a unique possibility to bring order into your test setup.
Arrange your control cabinet, your plant or your test setup clearly and easy to maintain with our breakout box, which arranges and identifies your cables perfectly for you.
The breakout box routes each signal safely and reliably via a coaxial cable to your data acquisition or measurement equipment. This cable distribution architecture helps you keep order and distribute measurement signals over long distances, making it easier to find the right measurement channel or measurement input in everyday use. Offering you a choice of different connector and cable types is a matter of course for us.


  • quick and easy distribution of measurement signals
  • several measuring points can be monitored cost-effectively by simply reconnecting the measuring device
  • interference (e.g. due to external radiation) is minimized by shielding the cables
  • easy mounting of the box in the control cabinet, test bench or car


  • robust housing, use of high quality cables and connectors as well as solid design
  • versatile applicable for the transmission of measuring signals
  • all cables are individually connected to the connectors in the box and are practically brought together via a PG screw connection and a braided hose
  • each connector can be clearly assigned via the labeling on the device and on the cable
  • BNC and SMB plugs and sockets, other connectors on request

Example of different junction boxes

You too can easily put together your junction box / breakout box individually according to your wishes and requirements - with our new junction box form!