Breakout-Box Overview

Verteilerbox mit 28 BNC Buchsen. Die Abbildung zeigt eine kundenspezifische Ausführung mit Anschlusskabel.

Our Breakout-Box (BNC-Box) has a light-weight, but solid case made from aluminium and is designed for use on machines, in laboratories or in the automotive sector.
The Breakout-Box is available with various equipment: 4, 6 or 8 BNC-Sockets. You can freely choose the connectors and the cable length of the supply line or decide to take one of our suggested lengths.

A customer-specific completion is implementable without extra time or additional costs. Each cable is individually connected with the plug connectors in the box and united via a PG gland as well as a braided hose. Each plug connector is clearly allocated via the labeling on the device as well as on the cable.

Advantage of the Breakout-Box: Routing of measuring signals, that means that by simply replugging the measuring device, several measuring points can be monitored cost-effectively. By shielding the cables, disturbances (e.g. external radiation) are minimized.


Breakout-Box with open-end (connection control cabinet)
Breakout-Box with connectors > see selection
Breakout-Box to Breakout-Boc (hardwired)
Breakout-Box to Breakoutbox with detachable connection

Cable: RG174 (max. 1 GHz ) or RG316D (max. 3 GHz)
Plug connector Breakout-Box: insulated BNC-Socket (others on request)
Number of plugs: 4, 6 oder 8
Connectors cable: BNC plug, SMB socket
Dimensions Box: ca. 150 x 80 x 30 mm (Alumium black)
Length supply line: 2,5 m, 5 m, 10 m
Manufacturer plug connector: Telegärtner and Radiall

New Release: Breakout Box in stainless steel, IP67

Breakout Box in stainless steel, IP67

New Release:
Distributing measurement signals at machines and measuring stations is now even easier thanks to our new connection box!

The housing of the junction box is made of stainless steel and is equipped with 4 mounting holes for mounting on the wall or on machine parts. The connection / breakout box is sealed on the back and meets the requirements of IP67. The completely enclosed housing also offers increased protection against EMC radiation.

All connectors are insulated and are led out individually with a cable. The connectors on the cable and the length of the cable are freely selectable. The labeling of the individual cables simplifies the assignment to the connector of the distribution box. On request, a visual distinction of the cables can be made by different-colored anti-kink sleeves.

Customer specific implementation