Caja de conexiones de versión especial

Customer-specific versions

Customer-specific versions are realisable, without significant additional expenses. All cables are individually connected to the connectors in the box and aligned with a PG gland and a braided sleeve. Every connector is clearly assigned by a label on the device and on the cable. 
All housing shapes and sizes


  • Transfer of measuring signals, i.e. by switching the measuring device, several measuring points can be monitored cost-effectively
  • Disturbances (e.g. by external radiation) are minimised by the screen of the cable
  • Simple attachment of the box in the control cabinet, test facility or automobile

The housing is made from aluminium and deliverable with sealing for applications in the outdoor area.

Box to Box:
Two boxes are connected by a connection line. Optionally separable in the middle or according to custom specification.