Suitable cable protection

Here you get a short overview of the cable protection options we offer for cable assemblies.

Choosing the correct cable protection

Protective metal tube is used for mechanical protection and for EMC-protection. Suitable for high temperatures and safe to walk on. Can be used in drag chains. Disadvantage: Diameter has to be large to not lose any flexibility.

Metal braided hose is an additional EMC-protection, that can be used with single or multiple lines. High EMC effectiveness. Temperature resistant up to 200°C.
Disadvantage: Damages to a single fiber quickly destroy the line. Not suitable for drag chains.

Silicone tube provides additional electrical and thermal insulation. Single or multiple lines can be grouped. Well suited for wiring inside of devices, while still remaining flexible. Disadvantage: may break, not safe to walk on.

Braided sleeve is a light mechanical protection for lines, which can be moved. Temperature resistant up to at least 150°C. The length can be adjusted to individual needs. Different lengths of the endings are also possible.
Disadvantage: twists have to be avoided.

Corrugated tube / hose is a heavy mechanical cable protection. Safe to walk and conditionally drive on due to the included strip-wound made of plastic or metal material.
Disadvantage: the usable interior space is relatively small.

Flexible tube is a light mechanical cable protection, safe to step on at small diameters. There are suitable ending and passage fittings. Direct connection to Harting-connectors.
Disadvantage: Cable has to be protected from twists.