Silicone hose and insulating hose

Silicone hose - insulating hose

Fabricless silicone insulating sleeves are particularly flexible and offer excellent thermal, electrical as well as chemical properties. An insulating hose made of silicone is suitable for protecting one or even several cables.

Temperature range: -60 to +250°C, resistant to hot air.
Color: transparent.

Conforms to EN 60684

Applications of silicone tubing:

  •     Sheathing of single or multiple cables without affecting flexibility.
  •     Increase of dielectric strength: simple stranded wires thus become voltage-resistant wires.
  •     Protection against contact at high temperatures.
  •     Chemical resistance to solvents, alkalis and acids.
Description Additional info Price from
Silicone Insulation Tube 10mm
3,302 EUR
Silicone Insulation Tube 2mm
0,752 EUR
Silicone Insulation Tube 6mm
1,734 EUR
Silicone insulation tube 8mm
2,142 EUR
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