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Metal protective tubing - braided steel

Highly flexible and particularly temperature-resistant protective coating with FLEXASteel. Inner diameter of the hose available in 3 mm to 8 mm. Reinforcement and protection of your coaxial line with additional protective steel sheath. The coaxial lines used in machinery and automotive applications are thus more durable.

Our spiral-wound metal hoses are also available up to +400°C on request.
Tested IP40 according to EN60529.

Application for metal protection hose - steel flex

Field of application:
Machines with flying sparks,
Protection of the coaxial line against damage,
Improved abrasion and kink protection

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Individual labelling

In order to achieve an optimal differentiation of the cables, we offer you an individual labeling on two lines with up to 15 characters per line. The labels produced by us are waterproof, abrasion and acid resistant and therefore offer a durable possibility e.g: serial numbers, company name, connection location, etc. directly on the cable.

Tip: Use in combination with our colored bend protection. The design: Our wraparound labels are available in widths of 12.70 mm and 25.40 mm. The printing is black on a white background. A 2-line print with a maximum of 15 characters each is possible. The standard width of the labels is 12.70 mm and the distance from the end of the plug is 50 mm. Do you wish a different distance or 25.40 mm wide label? Simply specify when ordering.

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Kink protection in different colours

Cable bend relief sleeves are used for the mechanical protection of cables against excessive bending directly at the connector. They can also be used to mark different signals via the cable grommet. For subminiature connectors (e.g. series MMCX, SSMB, SSMC) we recommend the use of heat shrinkable sleeves, since in this case the cable bend relief would be too large and the connectors would disappear in the sleeves.

Temperature range: max. 70°C.

Available in 10 colors:
black (standard), brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey, white

Please note: Unless otherwise requested by you, we always deliver with black bend protection.

Do you not want an anti-kink grommet? Select "no bend protection" in the configurator accordingly.
Alternatively, you can also get a shrink sleeve with / without inner adhesive as kink protection. You can find more under cable protection here

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We provide you with different colored braided hoses.
An additional braided hose is an excellent way to protect and combine your cables.
It is especially suitable for cable harnesses, lines etc. We would like to deliver your cable also with such a braided hose. Here is some key data:

Material: Polyester
Operating temperature: - 50°C – + 150°C
Melting temperature: + 260°C
Flammability: self extinguishing
Tensile strength: 84.50 Mpa
Ultimate elongation: 350%