Coaxial cable for outdoors

Well-suited for the outdoor area are cables with PUR-, PE-, PTFE-, PFA- and FEP-sheath.
Also suitable is a cable sheath out of RADOX®.
Less suited for outdoor applications are: PVC- and FRNC-cables - reason: PVC attracts moisture and thus causes short circuits.

Examples for cables for outdoor application:
RG178 B/U
| RG196 A/U | RGL196 LowNoiseLN5001 LowNoise | RG188 A/U | RG316 /U | RGL316 LowNoise | RG316D - RD316 | LMR 100A | Multiflex 86 | ENVIROFLEX 316D | LN5002 LowNoise | SS405 | RG402 |SS402 | RG142 | RG302 | RG400 | LL142 | H-155 PELMR 195 | LMR 195 UF | LMR 240 | LMR 240 UF |

Coaxial cable for high temperatures

Cables for higher temperatures (up to 200°C) have a dielectric from PTFE and an outer sheath from FEP, PFA or PTFE. For higher temperatures (250°C) there are cables with a dielectric and sheath from Kapton®.

Kapton 1.47 (up to 250°C), RG196 (205°C), RG188 (205°C), RG316 (165°C)

For application with vibration recorders, for vibration measurement and vibration analysis, the Low Noise is applied.

The following Low Noise we have on stock:
LN 5002, LN5001, RGL196, RGL316