Coaxial cable characteristics

Characteristics of coaxial cables

Coaxial cables for outdoors

Well-suited for outdoors are cables with a sheath from PUR, PE, PTFE, PFA and FEP.
Also suitable is a cable sheath from RADOX®.
Less suited for outdoor application: PVC- and FRNC-cable - Reason: PVC attracts moisture and thus leads to short circuits. Infos to Coaxial cables for outdoors

Coaxial cable for high temperatures

Cables for higher temperatures (up to 200°C) have a dielectric from PTFE and an outer sheath from FEP, PFA or PTFE. For still higher temperatures (250°C) there are cables with dielectric and sheath from Kapton®.

Kapton 1.47 (up to 250°C), RG196 (205°C), RG188 (205°C), RG316 (165°C)