Reference list RG to MIL-C-17

Reference list RG to MIL-C-17

More and more, instead of RG-descriptions (radio guide), MIL-C-17-descriptions (MiL-C-17 = american military standards) are stated.
Hereafter, you find the reference list for the proper norm in MIL-C-17.
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The types of cable specified in the RG-list were no longer sufficient. There are variations of the common coaxial lines and new ones were added.
Thus, the cables were reorganised and relisted by MIL-type. For better recognition, the old RG-description is attached, e.g. M17/75-RG214.

Reference list RG to MIL-C-17 Coaxial cable

RG Nr. MIL-C-17 Nr.
RG 6 M17/2
RG 11 M17/6
RG 58 M17/28
RG 59 M17/29
RG 62 M17/30
RG 142 M17/60
RG 174 M17/119
RG 178 M17/93
RG 179 M17/94
RG 213 M17/74
RG 214 M17/75
RG 223 M17/84
RG 302 M17/110
RG 316 M17/113
RG 400 M17/128

Reference list MIL-C-17 to RG Coaxial cable

MIL-C-17 Nr. RG Nr.
M17/2 RG 6
M17/6 RG 11
M17/28 RG 58
M17/29 RG 59
M17/30 RG 62
M17/60 RG 142
M17/74 RG 213
M17/75 RG 214
M17/84 RG 223
M17/93 RG 178
M17/94 RG 179
M17/110 RG 302
M17/113 RG 316
M17/119 RG 174
M17/128 RG 400

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