HF connectors for coaxial cables

We offer a wide range of RF connectors and other connectors for coaxial cables.

We have the following connector series in stock: BNC, BNC 75R, BNC Pro, BNC UHD,Mini-HD BNC, RP-BNC, TNC, RP-TNC, N, Mini-UHF, UHF-PL259, QLS, QMA, 4.3-10, 7/16_DIN, SMA, SERIES PC 3. 5, RP-SMA, SMB, SSMB, SMC, SSMC, SMP, MCX, MMCX, Series-F, FME, 10-32_UNF-Microdot, Series 1.0/2.3, Series 1.6/5.6, Fakra, and many more.

All connector types can be combined in our cable configurator!

In addition, all our cables and coaxial plugs are equipped with a kink protection in black as standard to ensure that you will enjoy your cables for a long time. Optionally you can get the bend protection in 10 different colors e.g. in yellow, green, blue, red and others - for a better overview!

You do not know which coaxial plug or socket you have? Get help here!
You will find a large selection in our plug store. Of course you can also get angled plugs here.

We manufacture assembled coaxial cables made to measure!
Find out how easy it is to go online in our cable configurator.
Assembly instructions and data sheets for connectors here.

Tip: Instead of doing it yourself - just let us assemble the cable!

Here is an overview of all plugs and sockets you can get from us:

Overview RF connectors 50R

Overview RF connectors 75R

Overview HV Connectors

Overview LEMO

Overview Other

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