QMA plug / QMA jack

QMA connectors defined with features and dimensions by the series SMA, the maximum fequency is 18 GHz. The modified quick-lock mechanism enables fast, easy and reliable connections in tightest spaces and without assembly tools.

QMA standard types are constructed with a quick- lock mechanism from brass material. Additionally economy versions of all important QMA connectors are available with a plastic housing, in 4 different colored codings.


– Interface according to QLF- Standard
– Quality tested according to IEC 60169
– Frequency range max. up to 18 GHz, optimized up to 6 GHz
– VSWR (straight connector): ≤ 1.05 @ 3 GHz; ≤ 1.12 @ 6 GHz
– Low Intermodulation: ≤ - 120 dBc @ 1.8 GHz (2x 20W)
– Minimum pitch: 12.4 mm
– Flexibility: 360° turnable
– Cost effective, easy and 10 times quicker mounting than SMA (< 2 seconds)
– Without assembly tools - no damaging.

QLS is compatible to QMA

The connector series QLS (Quick-Lock-Standard) is a secure alternative to QMA and is 100 % compatible to QMA-connectors.

QMA connector (1) and QMA angled connector (2)

alternative cable

DESCRIPTION Article Data sheet Price from
QLS plug, straight, solder/crimp 020847 Datasheet (104KB)
3,825 EUR
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Delivery program
QLS angle plug 90°, solder/crimp
50 Ω
020848 102KB 117KB
QLS angle plug 90°, solder/crimp
50 Ω
020162 21KB 34KB
QLS plug, straight, solder/crimp
50 Ω
020161 22KB 54KB
QLS plug, straight, solder/crimp
50 Ω
020847 134KB 104KB
QMA angle plug 90°, solder/crimp
50 Ω
020A65 434KB 148KB