SSMC plug and SSMC jack

SSMC-Plug / SSMC-Socket

Information SSMC-Connector

SSMC-Plug and SSMC-Socket are the smaller version of the SMC-series. Up to 40% of space can be saved. The electronical values are even better as those of the SMC.
The width across flats is 3,96 mm, not to be confused with SMC-connector.

Attention: in American English, the SSMC-socket is referred to as 'plug' and the SSMC-plug as 'receptacle' or 'jack'. Please make sure, which type you need, preferably on the basis of a picture.

DESCRIPTION Article Data sheet Price from
SSMC plug(male), straight, solder/crimp 020350 Datasheet (28KB)
28,208 EUR
Prices excl. and shipping
HF Connectors Recommended cables Typ Article Assembly instructions Datasheet
Delivery program
SSMC- jack (female), straight, crimp
50 Ω
020392 398KB
SSMC angle jack 90° (female), solder/crimp
50 Ω
020351 30KB
SSMC plug(male), straight, solder/crimp
50 Ω
020350 28KB

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